Solo/+ Shows

Recess/Time Travel

Site-Specific Monologue



Area 31, Frederick, MD


Writer/Performer: Lydia Hadfield

Lies!: The Low-Brow Po-Mo Show!

A familiar stranger comes to town with a story to tell…It may not be the story she was trying to tell. Salty sea tales! Showbiz braggery! Sexcapades!

Produced METx, Maryland Ensemble Theatre, Frederick, MD November 2015

Writer: Lydia Hadfield
Director: Kevin Cole
Performers: Lydia Hadfield & Amber George
Light & Sound Design: Robert L. Martin
Movement Coach: Rachel Jordan Wolfe

World Premiere: METx, Maryland Ensemble Theatre, Frederick, MD, November 2015

Eye of the Storm

Satirical weather report! Plainview has been trapped inside the eye of the storm for days, weeks, maybe years! A whirlwind of town characters cope, cavort, and converge in this comedic romp.

Meet Plainview’s weather anchor, misfit scientist, chronic partier, conspiracy theorist, shopaholic and survivalist as the storm’s second wall approaches. Prepare yourself to laugh from the edge of your seat!

Writer/Performer: Lydia Hadfield

Free Fringe, Edinburgh Fringe Festival, Edinburgh, Scotland, UK, August 2012

Buff’s Club, Venue, Edinburgh

What Are You Making?

Holiday stories from the retail world. The multi-character storytelling show explores, with wicked irreverence, how holiday meaning is made at a fabric and crafts superstore.

Premiere: Tell it on Tuesday, The Marsh, Berkeley, CA, December 2011

“Lydia’s stories, movement, and comic sensibility are immediately captivating and hysterical. It’s like going for a ride in a comic strip that captures both the wonderfully mundane and eccentric nature of humans in this truly unique way. She is such a talent.”

             -Rebecca Fisher, Producer of Tell it on Tuesdays, The Marsh, Berkeley.

Grimcraw Day

A Performer, a Director and a Lackey show up to provide holiday entertainment for Grimcraw Day. A thousand gumdrops later, will they understand what Grimcraw Day means? Audience and ensemble alike are transported into a madcap satire of our attitudes about celebration. Featuring hilarious character monologues, improvised segments, ‘Shakespeare,’ a song and dance, as well as a feat of dexterity, no two shows are exactly the same, and you’ll never feel the same way about Grimcraw Day.

Premiere: April 2011 in Amherst, MA

Writer: Lydia Hadfield

Director: Allison Lerman-Gluck

Performers: Lydia Hadfield

Max Rosenthal

Skyler Osterman

‘Reckless’ in the best sense,” Amherst, MA.

“The over-the-top sheer excess of it all commands our laughter and amazement,” Hampshire College.


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