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25th Anniversary Mainstage Season

Maryland Ensemble Theatre

Frederick, MD

March 24- April 23 2023


Virtual Reading, Plays in Progress Festival of New Works, Maryland Ensemble Theatre, Frederick, MD

June 2020

Inheritance (monologue play) takes a dark comic look at three women’s expectations of what they’re owed, what they will give, and what they’ll take for themselves. Clementine becomes heir to her ancestral home and unhinges the door of her antebellum fantasies. The caretaker of the home, Puddles, shares her unvarnished perspective. Mariah Lee Lee, the squatter, watches, and plots. One explosive episode propels them all towards fulfillment of their skewed worldviews.

Playwright: Lydia Hadfield

Director: Tabitha White

Dramaturg: J.D. Silvert

Technical Designer: Stephen Craig


Clementine: Laura Stark

Puddles: Julie Herber

Mariah Lee Lee: Amber George-Wright

The Peacock Lady

Reading. Plays in Progress Festival of New Works, Maryland Ensemble Theatre, Frederick, MD

July 2019

The Zimmer family wants to open a Civil War themed diner in the Mid-Atlantic city of Francis. The blighted building they desire is owned by the mysterious Peacock Lady. When middle schooler, Parker Zimmer, learns a family secret connects his family to the Peacock Lady, everything the Zimmer thought they knew about their family and Francis will change.

Playwright: Lydia Hadfield

Director T.P. Huth

Dramaturg: Matt Lee


Rosvita: Elayne Hyman & Natalie Dent

Chuck Zimmer: Greg Berezuk

Bill Zimmer: Jack Evans

Shelly Zimmer: Grace Kane

Justice Zimmer: Anna Steurman

Parker Zimmer: Bryce Leber

MET Page Interview with the Playwright

Krimby Tales/ A Christmas Play

Reading, The Last Hurrah: Improvised Variety Show & Podcast, Maryland Ensemble Theatre,

December 2015

More RE: film/animation adaption

Cambria, a well-heeled, high-maintenance customer, asks Alice the bookseller for a holiday gift recommendation. When no answer will satisfy, Alice seeks the advice of Ms. Snaggle. Alice leads Cambria through labyrinthine back passages to the office, or perhaps, lair of Ms. Snaggle, an eccentric storyteller who lives in the bookstore basement. Snaggle’s three holiday stories are in turns sardonic, absurd and rhyming!

The stories: 

  • The Tale of the KrimbyBeast 
  • The Tale of Lord Kringlejaws 
  • The Tale of Krunk Kringle. 

Playwright: Lydia Hadfield

Director: Kevin Cole


Readers: Em Perper

Julia Williams

Isaac Duarte

Chris McQuaid


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