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Photo by Joe Williams

Lydia Hadfield writes, performs and tells stories. Satire, physical comedy, and strong character work are her driving interests.

She is a regular at the MET Comedy Night’s The Last Hurrah.

Lydia performed in Kevin Cole and. IO Duarte’s 2017: A Year in Review at the Maryland Ensemble Theatre. Lydia also crafted a site-specific satirical monologue, Recess: Time Travel!, read and performed at SHE/THEY 2018, an interdisciplinary art show held at Area 31 in Frederick, MD. Her dark, surreal holiday fairytale play, Krimby Tales, was read December 2016 on the variety show, The Last Hurrah.

Lies!: The Low-Brow, Po-Mo Basement Show  premiered as a METx production at the Maryland Ensemble Theatre in Frederick, MD, November 2015.

Hadfield’s solo show, Eye of the Storm, premiered at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival in August 2012. Another show, What Are You Making?, about working at an arts & crafts superstore during the holidays took the stage  December 2011 at The Marsh’s Tell it On Tuesday series in Berkeley, CA.

Hadfield has worked as variety performer ‘Oola Arteeste, The Art Clown.’ She was a performing member of Philadelphia improv troupe, Snapshot. She makes appearances on the weekly variety show The Last Hurrah, at the Maryland Ensemble Theatre. She also wrote for for The Annual. Lydia performed in bimonthly shows as a part of The Natural Disaster Club improv troupe in Amherst, MA from 2007-2011.

Lydia Hadfield trained for two years at the Maryland Ensemble Theatre School in Frederick, MD.  She earned an interdisciplinary Bachelor of Arts degree in literature, writing and theatre at Hampshire College, May 2011.

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